Monumental Kidney / Amoeba Coffee Table by Lane

This coffee table isn’t for the faint of heart…or space. It really needs room to breathe so that you can see how friggin’ cool this lady is from every. possible. angle. Pretty much you walk in, and you know the extra-terrestrials must have incredible taste, since the spaceship they landed in couldn’t be more fetching. Lane did a great job here — there are square and circular versions of this table out there, but this design takes the cake. And, not to gloat: there’s been a listing for this table on ebay forever now, and granted that table is in Florida, and that price tag ($1,400) is ridic, but still. There’s a steal waiting to happen right here in Chicago.

Measures 64″ long x 33″ at its widest, and it gets 14.5 tall.

Asking $500 SOLD

Email us at zoeyandzerik(@)gmail(dot)com for more info.


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